Q. “When we arrive at Lake Escape, what is the first thing we should do?”

A. Arrival

When you arrive invite your Co-Captain to accompany you to the office. Our check-in person will proceed to:

Check and update your charter account
Have you sign any unsigned paperwork
Explain how to complete the boat inventory list
Assign and direct you to your boat
Appoint the co-captain to check off each item on the inventory check list while the crew load their gear onto the boat with the handcarts provided. Be particular when going through your check list because you are responsible for the boat, its equipment and any losses or damages not noted once you have signed the check list.

Q. “When can we board our houseboat?”

A. Boarding

Boarding time begins at 3:00p.m. if the cleaning and maintenance is complete. If you arrive early please don’t expect to get to board early, because your boat may not be ready. If we know in advance there is a possibility you can board early we will call you the day before you are supposed to arrive. We are anxious about you starting your vacation early as well. Also, if you think you may be late, please take the time to call and let us know, so we can work with you to make alternate arrangements.


Q. “We have never driven a houseboat before. Will I be given instructions on how to drive it?”

A. Orientation

Before departure, you will be given a thorough orientation concerning all aspects of the houseboat. During the orientation the prop will be checked and all controls, features, systems, and their maintenance and safe operation will be shown and explained to you. Navigational procedures, how to beach and tie off, along with other boating maneuvers, will be explained and or demonstrated. After the orientation is complete our staff will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. We have found that even first time boaters that pay attention during the orientation have little to no trouble on their first houseboat adventure!


Q. “What kind of paperwork do you require to rent a houseboat?”

A. Charter Rental Agreement

Along with other paperwork, you will be sent a charter agreement which enters you into a contract. You will be totally responsible for the safe operation and care of the boat and its equipment. Please take the time to carefully read this agreement and share it with your crew to ensure they too understand the rules and regulations while having the best time possible on their houseboat vacation. You are the “captain” and the temporary “owner”.


Q. “Who pays for the gas?”

A. Fuel Expense

Houseboats will be sent out with full tanks of gas and upon arrival will be refueled at charterer’s expense.


Q. “What about “Sandy”, my dog, can she come on vacation with me?”

A. Pet Policy

Due to health regulations Lake Escape enforces a strict NO PETS POLICY. If you have a pet on the houseboat, your damage deposit will be forfeited.